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While packing for one of my biggest packing challenges, my upcoming trip to New York Fashion Week, I felt inspired to share four tips to help you pack for any destination. Over the years and through lots of trial and error, I’ve figured out what not to do, and some helpful things to stay sane and stylish while traveling. Scroll down to read four easy tips to make you look and feel your best no matter the destination.

4 easy tips for packing

1. Don’t pack anything you haven’t worn.

It’s tempting to want to take new things that we are excited about on a trip, but you never know if that new sweater is actually itchy, or if that dress is uncomfortable when you sit down, unless you’ve tested them out IRL. If you are dead set on taking something new, at least take a lap around the house and sit down in the garment to test it out.

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2. Pack mostly neutrals that can be dressed up and down.

Once your suitcase is filled with mostly neutrals, throw in some pieces to spice them up like a leopard blouse, pink bag or striped jacket. You never want to miss out on an invitation or opportunity because you don’t have the right thing to wear, so don’t leave home without a great LBD, trench coat or chambray shirt. Versatility is key when packing.

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3. Feeling organized is all about the dust bags and pouches.

Make sure to pack all of your shoes in dust bags, have your lingerie in its own bag, keep all of your toiletries in pouches and don’t forget your laundry bag. Personally, my favorite toiletry bags are Kate Spade, and check out these adorable travel dust bags they just released.

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4. Comfortable and classic shoes are key.

It never fails that you end up walking more than you thought you would, or your feet swell a little from the travel. Comfortable shoes that you can wear in lots of different ways will never leaving you in a shoe crisis. My personal favorites are Chanel flats, Converse, strappy heels for night and sleek rain boots.

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I hope these tips help you the next time you’re standing in your closet not knowing what to throw in your suitcase. It’s easy to feel just a fabulous as you do at home when you travel with these tips!

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