Personal Shopping Services 

Personally tailored styling services just for you. Whether you just need a closet clean-out to get ready for the new season, or everything from shopping to styling, we will work together to find the services that are perfect for you!

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Services Offered

Closet Edit ($350): Clean out what you don’t need, and assess what you already have.

Outfit Styling ($200/ 14 outfits & $350/ 28 outfits): Head-to-toe, completely styled outfits made with your clothes, photographed and given to you for your quick and easy reference.

Suggested Items ($100/ 5 suggested items): A personally tailored list of suggested items to purchase that will expand your closet’s versatility and help you make smart purchases that will stand the test of time.

Trip Packing ($75/day you are away): Whether you’re heading to Napa for the weekend, or France for a month, I will make sure you have everything you need, and want, to wear. Specializing in packing versatile pieces to save suitcase space, and make sure you look your best while away.

Special Occasion ($350/event): Need the perfect thing to wear for that special event? I will make sure you have everything you need to truly shine and stand out in the crowd.

Personal Shopping ($100/hr): Meet me for a personal shopping experience where the entire dressing room is filled with items picked just for you, complete with tailoring help and head-to-toe styling.

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