“Making glamour, self-confidence and style accessible to every woman, every day.” – Valerie

My Method 

As a personal shopper, I do the dirty work for my clients so they can look effortlessly chic every day.  I personally shop, facilitate tailoring, accessorize and style my clients wardrobes down to the very last detail.  I have the eye, taste and talent to put together a comprehensive wardrobe that will never leave my clients standing in their closet screaming, “I have nothing to wear!” By gathering garments and accessories that suit my client’s lifestyle and personality, I make getting dressed fun and easy.

With my years of experience cultivating a dynamic and well-rounded wardrobe, I have learned to approach shopping in a uniquely affective way. I am always shopping. I’m not saying that I buy something every day, but I am always keeping an eye out for that perfect cocktail dress or an amazing vintage necklace. Most people run out and get something right when they need it. That strategy works when you need a new bra or a new pair of running shoes. But to really fill your closet with personal items that you LOVE you must be selective and gather things along the way.

Just like a cherished photo album, your closet is a collection of places you’ve been and experiences you have had, it tells the world your story without having to say a word. Gone are the days when a woman needs to turn over her entire wardrobe every season to be en vogue. Style is now about gradually gathering a wardrobe that is full of pieces that you treasure.

“I’m not about helping my clients just find clothes, I’m about helping my clients find the RIGHT clothes.” – Valerie

My Style Journey 

Over the years, I’ve learned that if you fill your closet with the right pieces, you will always have something to wear. Not to mention something you will love to wear. I have trained my eye to pick versatile pieces that will mix well with others and last much longer than a few months.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a girl that never liked to wear the same outfit twice. Not to say that I wear a garment once and throw it away, but I like to challenge my fashion self to constantly pair pieces with different things, and wear my clothes in different ways.

“I help my clients to perfect their personal style, find the right clothes to complete their wardrobes and make endless outfit combinations within their closet.” – Valerie

My Services 

I tailor my personal shopping services to every individual client. Whether you just need a closet analysis and a clean out to get ready for the new season, or all of the above from shopping to styling, we will work together to find a service package that is perfect for you.

Wardrobe Analysis- Assessing what you already have, what you may need and what you may need to part with.

Wardrobe Styling- Creating an outfit catalogue so you have endless outfit inspiration at your fingertips.

Personal Shopping- Finding the perfect pieces to inspire you, complete and enhance your wardrobe.

All services are 100/hour.

Interested? Email me… valerie@adornyourselfaccordingly.com